Where Are Kids Learning Bad Driving Habits? Their Parents

You know the saying: “We become more and more like our parents everyday?” Unfortunately, this is alarmingly true in regards to bad driving habits.  I recently came across an article from Edmunds Daily Blog on how kids are learning bad driving habits from their parents:

A survey of 750 teens and their parents by the Century Council found that 55 percent talk on the phone and 22 percent receive text message alerts. Unsurprisingly, 32 percent of their kids also talk on the phone, and 24 percent receive text message alerts. Half of parents and 44 percent of their teen-driver children believe they can do multiple things at once and still drive safely, the Century Council survey found. The council is a not-for-profit funded by distilled-spirits producers, with the goal of combating drunk driving and underage drinking.

It’s not that parents don’t tell kids not to use cell phones or text when they drive. They do. And kids hear the message: 71 percent of teens said they recall their parents telling them to pull over to talk on the phone or to refrain from using the phone all together, and 74 percent of parents said they have relayed this message. But, the council says, “Despite having conversations about the dangers associated with distracted driving, more than half of parents and one-third of teens said they have used their phone while driving in the past three months.”

Kids typically ignore “Do as I say, not as I do” lectures, and teenagers’ distracted-driving behavior demonstrates that.

Just remember that when driving your new or used car you should try to follow the same rules of the road that you want your kids to follow. That means two hands on the wheel, stay off the cell phone, put your seat belt on and focus on the road. Set a good example and be careful!

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