Cadillac CTS MPGs versus Liters!

When shopping for a Cadillac CTS some prefer the speed and power while others are more interested in the miles per gallon achieved based on the engine size.  I wanted to get an outside review on the comparison of the CTS 3 liter versus the CTS 3.6 liter and you’ll be excited to know that the Cadillac CTS 3.6 liter offers the same MPGs as the 3 liter. So if you like more power you won’t be sacrificing MPGs. That is unless you opt for the CTS-V which gets less MPGs but you’ll get high performance power with the supercharged V-8 engine from the Corvette ZR-1 that puts out 556 horsepower!

Starting with the very base model Cadillac CTS MPG which comes in at 18 MPG in the City and 27 MPG on the highway.  These figures come from the 3.0 liter V-6 engine with the automatic transmission and puts out 270 HP.  What’s weird is the gas mileage ratings go down a bit when you add in the manual trans?  Then when you step up to the 3.6 liter engine, you get a nice 34 HP bump and the fuel economy does not suffer at all.  In fact the Cadillac CTS MPG is the same in the 3 liter and the 3.6 liter car.

The Cadillac CTS Sport Wagon and Coupe get the same gas mileage as the sedan with the V-6 engine.  So if you are in the market for a CTS then by all means opt for the larger 3.6 liter V-6 engine! [Source: Gas Mileage Ace]

What’s more important to you in a vehicle, MPGs or power?

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